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Mike Boley Bio

October 18, 2018



I grew up in Hancock County, Illinois, where I still live today. When I was younger I always had a desire to hunt and fish. Unfortunately, I never had someone to take me out to teach me when I was young. After high school I had the chance to shotgun hunt for a few years before losing the ground I had permission to hunt. Over the years I had multiple seasons where I ate a tag for no other reason than I had nowhere to hunt.


In 2014 I decided I wanted to make sure I never had to have that happen again and ended up buying my own farm. Over the last 4 years I have immersed myself in learning the art of hunting, land management and becoming a better woodsman. It has been a very long journey to get to this point, and I continue to never stop learning. I feel that my farm is head and shoulders above what it was when I bought it and I hope to continue improving it every year. I've been lucky enough to have a few guys to help me learn a tremendous amount these last few years, two of which are co-hosts on this podcast.


I now have a young son that loves being outdoors and there is nothing more satisfying to me than teaching him what I know. My goal is to have myself, and my farm, as ready as can be when it comes time to take my son and daughter out for their first hunts. 

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