DeerLand Podcast

The History of DeerLand

October 18, 2018


This podcast is all about 3 guys who love hunting, land management and the outdoors in general. Not only do we love these things, we love talking about them and learning about them. After several novel length text messages, long phone calls and what appeared to be an endless dialogue of the things we enjoy, the conclusion was drawn that we need to sit down and record the things we're talking about. 

We're hoping to bring you a fun, yet informative, podcast, that you the listener will enjoy, and hopefully learn from, but we too may learn from. All 3 of us come from different backgrounds, have varying levels of knowledge and experience, but we are all equally passionate about the things that we will be talking about on each episode. Whether you are just exploring getting in to hunting or owning land, or you are a seasoned veteran, you are bound to find a perspective that you can relate to and hopefully take something away each time you tune in. 

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