DeerLand Podcast

Ep. 3: Mike’s 160″(ish) 7 year old buck, Walter Sellens talks about the changes in deer hunting the last 50 years and our latest 2018 rut report!

November 12, 2018

On this episode we're in Northeast Missouri at the Sellens cabin on opening day of the Missouri rifle season. We get the full story of Mike's 160"(ish) 7 year old buck, his largest, and oldest, deer to date. We're also joined by Walter Sellens, Tyler's dad. Walter is an extremely accomplished man in all facets of his life, an accomplished outdoorsman being one of them. We discuss the changes Walter has seen in deer hunting over the years, some of his childhood memories of hunting with his father and some of the memories of he and Tyler going hunting together. We also discuss what we've been seeing this last week, where we think the rut may be right now and what our plans are for the upcoming week. I hope you enjoy this episode, and as always we would love to hear any feedback from our listeners and would appreciate you helping us spread the word about the DeerLand Podcast!

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